All gold and silver purchased via Stacker Market is fully allocated and backed physically, whereby you get a fractional ownership of a full 1 kg gold bar or large format silver, i.e. 100 ozt or 1,000 ozt. Such allocations directly correlates to lower (trade fees) and tighter bid/ask spreads to the end-user.

As everything is pooled, we are unable to provide the serial numbers when it is in your Stacker Market account.

In order to obtain the serial number, you will need to make a redemption of the bullion in any of the following denominations:


  • 1 g

  • 5 g

  • 50 g

  • 100 g

  • 1 kg


  • 2 oz

  • 5 oz

  • 10 oz

  • 100 oz

  • 100 g

  • 1 kg


  • Your bullion will not be sold. Redemption is for you to convert your holdings into smaller denominations.

  • Additional shipping/insurance and premium manufacturing fees are applicable.

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