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How do I redeem silver?

Learn how to redeem your silver and the methods available for the redemption.

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Step 1

On the dashboard, click on the "Redeem" action button.

Step 2

Make your selection for the following:

  • Precious metal type: Silver

  • Denomination To Redeem: 1 ozt, 2 ozt, 5 ozt, 10 ozt, 100 ozt, 100 g (3.2150747 ozt), 1 kg (32.1507466 ozt).

  • Redemption method: Self Collect or Delivery

  • Delivery address (if select Delivery redemption method)

Note: The address for self collection is at Singapore Precious Metals Exchange Pte Ltd, Le Freeport, 32 Changi North Crescent, Singapore, 499643.

Step 3

Then, press "Proceed".

Step 4

The confirmation details will appear. Click "Proceed" if all details are accurate, or click "Cancel" if changes need to be made.

Congratulations, you have submitted your redemption request for the silver!

You will receive a redemption voucher in your email. You may check your redemption status at the transaction History section.

Statuses available are:

  • Pending: Redemption request had been sent.

  • Paid: Request has been paid or is in the midst of being delivered.

  • Completed: The silver has been delivered to or have been collected by you.

  • Cancelled: You have requested to cancel the request.

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