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How do I apply for a loan?
How do I apply for a loan?
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Step 1

On the dashboard, click on the "Loan" action button.

Step 2

Fill up the amount of gold and silver that you would like to collateralize.

Note: Your gold or silver holdings must be sufficient to take a minimum loan amount of USD 100,000.00. Loan to Value (LTV) is 60% for gold and 50% for silver.

Step 3

Click “Get a quote”. The quote will be based on the current value of the precious metals you have indicated.

Step 4

If approved, you will receive the agreement from the lending partners via email. If agreed between both parties, the precious metals amount will be collateralized, and the loan value will be credited into your cash balance account.


  • Stacker Market only facilitates the movement of the funds and precious metals between users and lending partners. Your collateralized bullion doesn’t leave the Stacker Market ecosystem.

  • The loan tenure will be on a 12-month basis. We will contact you regarding the loan settlement.

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