Before you begin, kindly ensure that you have:

  1. Gotten your iPhone's SEID approved by Apple Inc.*:

  2. Installed the Nexus Card application and registered for an account:

  3. Activated your Nexus Card:

  4. Retrieved your Nexus Card details:

*Note: If you are planning to use another iPhone after the current iPhone's SEID has been approved, you will need to make a new submission of that other iPhone's SEID to be approved by Apple Inc.

Read on to learn how to add your Nexus UnionPay virtual debit card to Apple Wallet.

Step 1

Go to your Apple Wallet.

Step 2

Click on the "+" icon.

Step 3

Click on "Debit or Credit Card".

Step 4

Click on "Add a Different Card".

Step 5

Click on "Continue".

Step 6

Click on "Enter Card Details Manually"

Step 7

Key in the following:

  • Name

  • Card Number

Then, click "Next".

Step 8

Key in your Nexus Card expiry date and Security Code (CVN) number.

Then, click on "Next".

Step 9

Read the Terms and Conditions, and then click "Agree".

Step 10

Apple Wallet will now set up the card for Apple Pay.

Step 11

Select method to receive the verification code used to verify your card for Apple Pay.

Then, click "Next".

Step 12

Key in the verification code.

Then, click "Next".

Step 13

You will receive a notification saying that the card is ready for use on Apple Pay.

Step 14

Click "Continue".

Congratulations! You can now use your Nexus UnionPay virtual debit card via Apple Pay. You can use Apple Pay wherever you see these symbols.

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