Step 1

Select “Me” from the home screen.

Step 2

Select “Security”.

Step 3

Select “Payment PIN”.

Step 4

Select "Forgot Payment PIN?"

Step 5

Complete the following:

  • Key in your legal name

  • Select your document type (Singpass MyInfo / Passport / Identity Card / Driving License)

  • Key in the document number of the document type you had selected.

Note: Use the identification document that you had used during your registration.

Then, click "Next".

Step 6

Key in the OTP sent to your registered mobile number.

Step 5

Enter your current Payment PIN.

Step 6

Create your new Payment PIN.

Note: Your 6 digit PIN cannot be consecutive digits nor a continuous repeat of more than 3 digits.

Step 6

Repeat the new Payment PIN.

Congratulations, you have reset your Payment PIN!

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