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How do I subscribe to Stacker Market™ Pro?
How do I subscribe to Stacker Market™ Pro?
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Step 1

Get in touch with us at

You will be required to provide your basic information:

Basic information

Name on card

Mobile number

Mobile phone SEID*

Payment information

Stacker Market Pro users are required to pay an ANNUAL membership fee of USD 419.04, inclusive of 8% GST. Terms and conditions apply.

We will deduct the amount from your cash balance.**


*Mobile phone SEID is applicable to iPhone users only. As a requirement from Apple, all iPhones participating in the card program has to be approved by Apple Inc. If you are an iPhone user, kindly include your iPhone's SEID. To find your iPhone’s SEID, kindly refer to this tutorial:

**If you have insufficient cash balance, you can make a fund deposit to your account. You may refer to this tutorial:

Once you have completed the application part, please allow 2 working days for your application to be processed.

Note: You will also receive an email regarding the application.

Step 2

On the Pro Account page, the status will show as "PROCESSING".

When the application is successful, your details will appear on the Pro Account page. You will also receive an email from our Support representative regarding your membership.

Note: If you are viewing on your mobile phone, you can scroll the table to the right to see the information.

Congratulations, you are now a Pro Account member!

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