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How do I sign up for the Nexus UnionPay virtual debit card?
How do I sign up for the Nexus UnionPay virtual debit card?
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NOTE: Pro Account is currently suspended.

The Nexus UnionPay virtual card is one of the benefits offered by the Stacker Market Pro account. Upon subscription of the account, you may begin setting up the Nexus UnionPay virtual debit card account as follows.

Step 1

Download the mobile application on your device.




Step 2

Launch the mobile application and click "Sign Up". The Terms and Conditions will be shown. Click "Agree".

Note: Your mobile device may ask for permission to allow notifications. Click "Allow".

Step 3

Fill up your mobile number. You will need to select the country code and key in the mobile number without the country code. Then, select "Next".

Step 4

A verification code will be sent to the mobile number you had keyed in. Key in the verification code and click "Next".

Step 5

Setup your login password.

Note: Please ensure that the password is between 8 to 16 characters in length with a combination of digits, letters, and symbols.

Step 6

Confirm your login password by filling up the password again. Then, click "Done".

Step 7

You will then need to create a Payment PIN to make sure that payments are secure. Click on "Go Set".

Step 8

Enter the Payment PIN.

Note: The 6-digit PIN cannot be consecutive digits nor a continuous repeat of more than 3 digits.

Step 9

Confirm your Payment PIN by keying in the Payment PIN you had created.

Step 10

Select "Apply for a Digital Account" to apply.

Step 11

Under Business/Corporate Account, click on "Retrieve".

Step 12

Select "Register" to register your email address.

Step 13

Enter your email address. Then, click "Next".

A verification email will be sent to your email address.

Step 14

Go to your Inbox and select the email from Aleta Planet. Then, click "Verify my email".

Step 15

Once verified, go back to the application screen of the app. Click "Retrieve".

NOTE: If you receive a message saying, "You have not applied for any commercial account. Please contact your corporate administrator.", try closing the mobile application and reopening it. If this does not work, please contact us at

Step 16

Select the "Aleta Planet Nexus" card image.

Step 17

You will be led to the application page. For non-Singaporeans, click on "Passport".

Step 18

Select the country of your nationality.

Step 19

Select the document type you would like to submit a scan as the proof of identity.

Step 20

Using the camera of the mobile device, place the image of the card within the frame.

Then, select "CONTINUE".

Step 21

You will next need to take a biometric verification picture of your face following the on-screen instructions.

Ensure that your face can be clearly seen in a well-lit environment and is not blocked.

The details will be uploaded.

Step 22

Next, you will need to submit your proof of address (bank statement, tax bills, or government issued documents).

Note: The proof of address:

  • must show your name as per your passport/IC and residential address.

  • must be dated less than 3 months ago.

  • must not be blur or cropped.

Click on the "Camera" icon button and then press "Continue".

Step 23

Scan the proof of address using the device camera.

Step 24

To fill up the postal code and residential address, click on "Postal code" and "Residential Address" and key in the details accordingly.

Step 25

Select "Submit".

Congratulations, you have completed your sign up! Your application is now being reviewed.

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