A well-practiced and successful investment strategy, the method of monthly accumulation allows investors to buffer the ups and downs of the gold and or silver markets, which usually provides a dollar cost averaging opportunity. With the Stacker Market Account, the accumulated gold/silver in your account can be sold back for cash or physically withdrawn later.

Step 1

On the side menu, click on Accumulator.

Step 2

Key in the following details:

  • Precious metal type

  • Value (minimum Accumulator amount is USD 50.00)

  • Payment type (USD account balance or credit card)
    Note: For credit card payment type, only Visa and Mastercard is accepted.

Once the details have been filled in, click "Proceed".

Step 2

Check the details of the subscription. If the details are correct, click "Proceed".

Note: The total purchase amount (ozt) will vary according to the prevailing spot price at the time of purchase.

Congratulations, you have successfully subscribed to the Accumulator!

Your status of your subscription will be reflected under the Accumulator Status section of the Accumulator page. You can click on "View details >" button to read more about the transaction.

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