Step 1

Once logged in to your dashboard, press “Withdraw” at the top action bar.

Step 2

On the Withdraw page, select "Bank transfer" under Withdraw to.

Step 3

Input the following:

Beneficiary details:

  • Your name as per bank records

  • Your address as per bank records

  • Your bank account number

Destination bank

  • Your bank name

  • Your bank address

  • Your bank country

  • Your bank's SWIFT / BIC code

  • Your bank's National Clearing Code (optional - for example, IBAN or National Sort Code)

  • Payment details / Instructions to bank (optional)

  • Amount (minimum USD 100.00)

Note: Each withdrawal will require a processing fee of USD 20.00 (inclusive of GST).

Then, press "Submit".

Congratulations, your fund withdrawal request is completed!

Your withdrawal request will be processed shortly. Our system will email you the transaction details.

The transaction will be reflected in the Transaction History on the dashboard and Withdraw page once the withdrawal has been processed.

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