Before you begin, make sure you have already installed, registered, and logged in to Google Pay on your mobile phone.

Note: A temporary charge by Google might be charged to the Stacker Market™ prepaid/debit card. Before adding the card to Google Pay, please ensure to top up a minimum of $5, otherwise Google Pay will not be able to add the card.

Step 1

Old version of Google Pay:

After opening the Google Pay app, tap on the Payments tab. Then, press the "+ Payment method" button.

New version of Google Pay:

After opening the Google Pay app, tap on the profile picture. Then, press the "Add a card" button.

Note: If you already have cards linked on Google Pay, you will need to swipe until you see the the "Add a payment method".

Step 2 (only on new version of Google Pay)

On the choose a card to set up page, click on the "+" sign beside "Credit or debit card". This will take you to the add a card page.

Step 3

You will need to enter the card number, expiry date, CVV, and the cardholder's name and billing address.

To retrieve your Stacker Market™ prepaid/debit card details, you will need to go to your Stacker Market™ dashboard and click on your card.

Then, click on your card number. This will display your card details which can be used for your payments.

Key in the details manually in Google Pay. Then, tap "Save".

Step 4

Read the issuer terms and click "Accept and continue"

Step 5

Enter the verification code that is sent to your mobile number or email. Then, click "Submit".

Congratulations! You have linked your card to Google Pay and is ready to be used. Remember to select the Stacker Market™ prepaid/debit card on your card list to use it to make payments.

If you want to make it your default card instead of needing to swipe through the list each time, click on the card and click on the "Make default for contactless" button.

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