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How do I obtain and use a physical address in Singapore?
How do I obtain and use a physical address in Singapore?
Find out more about this Stacker Market™ Pro benefit.
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Once you have subscribed for the Stacker Market Pro Account, you will receive the following benefits:

1. The UnionPay virtual debit card.

2. A mailing address in Singapore.

3. Preferred rates.

UnionPay cards are accepted in 180 countries and regions, and is accepted by 61 million merchants globally.

Each account is allocated a personal corresponding address to receive mails (i.e. bank account statements, correspondence), packages, and shipments privately within the safe confines of Le Freeport.*

When onboarding existing metals via Asset Transfer Service or Bullion & Jewelry Swap, or redeeming your Stacker Market allocated ounces for physical metals.

*Kindly note that the mailing address cannot be used as a registered business address. Handling and storage fees are applicable.

To join Stacker Market Pro, kindly get in touch with us at

Stacker Market Pro users are required to pay an ANNUAL membership fee of USD 388.00, subject to additional 8% GST. Terms and conditions apply.

The amount will be deducted from your cash balance.

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