What is Stacker Market™ Pro?
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Once you have subscribed for the Stacker Market Pro Account, you will receive the following benefits:

1. The UnionPay virtual debit card.

2. A mailing address in Singapore.

3. Preferred rates.

UnionPay cards are accepted in 180 countries and regions, and is accepted by 61 million merchants globally.

Each account is allocated a personal corresponding address to receive mails (i.e. bank account statements, correspondence), packages, and shipments privately within the safe confines of Le Freeport.*

When onboarding existing metals via Asset Transfer Service or Bullion & Jewelry Swap, or redeeming your Stacker Market allocated ounces for physical metals.

*Kindly note that the mailing address cannot be used as a registered business address. Handling and storage fees are applicable.

Stacker Market Pro users are required to pay an ANNUAL membership fee of USD 388.00, subject to additional 8% GST. Terms and conditions apply.

We will deduct the amount from your cash balance upon confirmation.

To join Stacker Market Pro, kindly get in touch with us at support@stackermarket.com.

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