Before you begin, you will need to find out either one of the following details of your recipient.

  • Account Number (this information is available on the user's dashboard under the Account Information)

  • Email

Step 1

On the dashboard, click on the "Transfer" action button.

Step 2

Fill in the following.

  • Account number/email: Click on "Show contacts" to check if the user details are correct. To do so, key in the account number/email and press on the Magnifier button to complete the search. Click on the user name to add.

  • Precious metal type (this also shows your balance amount and value)

  • Value

  • Reference (optional)

Then, click "Submit".

Step 3

The confirmation page will appear. Check all details to ensure that you will be sending the precious metals to the correct user.

Fill in your password to enable the "Confirm" button. Then, click "Confirm".

Note: If the user does not exist, the transfer will not be made. You will be prompted to check the details again.

Congratulations! The transfer has been made. The recipient will be notified on the transfer via email, and the Account Balance for both sender and recipient will reflect accordingly.

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